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Website operators know that Internet traffic is their most important asset. That is why today substantial investments are made in order to increase traffic and to improve the search engine ranking. High-quality contents (images and texts), domains, SEO, SEM and affiliate networks as well as additional measures cause considerable work and expenses. At the same time, competitors or affiliates try to benefit from the built-up traffic and ranking. Unfair or even fraudulent means are often being used for this purpose. Brand bidding, typo domains, cookie dropping, inadmissible meta tags, theft of texts and images are only some of the threats.

TrafficProtection is an consulting solution ensuring the protection of the most important assets "rank" and "traffic". We analyse your traffic and identify the potential threats. Then, we determine cases of misuse and take the appropriate measures to stop them. In this connection we cooperate with numerous external service providers such as online marketing agencies (SEO and SEM), Internet service providers (ISP) or domain registrars.

The result is a sustained increase of rank and traffic with a simultaneous reduction of spendings for SEM and affiliate marketing.

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